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Guitar Leads


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Guys - got any suggestions of who's good for custom guitar leads?

What I'm looking for is:

  • 6m Lead
  • Van Damme cable
  • Right angled standard 1/4 Neutrik jack
  • Straight 1/4 Silent jack

I can find the reverse of the above on quite a few sites and on eBay, but I need the right-angled standard jack owing to the configuration of my pedalboard and as a Strat player, I need the straight jack at the instrument end.



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Award session do custom cables using high quality cable & components at very good prices. Ive used these for years, with no problems ever.

Thanks guys - job done! :up:

...but what a festering, weeping open sore of a man I am, not only did I receive a set of straight/straight Silent cables from Award Session last week, the package is still sitting on my desk o_O

Must be early senility setting in :down:

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