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New Articles & Band Profiles Section!


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Somewhat overdue, but the new Articles section of the site has now been put in place. All existing articles and replies have been preserved and I'm very happy to announce that we've listened to your feedback and added a new Band & Musician Profile section to this area of the web site.

This new section allows any member of the web site to post a page with information about their band or themselves, if they are a solo musician. The difference with this section of the web site is that you have much more creative freedom with what you can post. HTML is allowed, your post can be edited at any time (as well as put into Draft status if you aren't ready for other people to see it) and you are allowed to add up to 5 attachments along with the post. These attachments can be photos, documents or MP3s of your music.

If you want to get an idea of what is possible then have a look at what one of our members has produced: Pryon - Articles (obviously a bit of a Flash expert!)

So please get submitting your band profiles. We're going to try and make a feature of highlighting specific band profiles regularly to try and give you all as much exposure as possible. This web site is very well indexed by Google and other search engines and already, within days of posting, a search for Pryon (the band linked to above) in Google returns as result #4!

In addition to this some well overdue updates have been made both to the Links Directory and Venues Map section of the site. Again, please check them out and submit your own links from this page and please make me aware of any errors and omissions with the Venues page.


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