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Guitarist/Vocalist/Bassist Looking For Band


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Hi there.

Okay, I'm 23, living in Aberdeen. I mostly play guitar and sing (simultaneously when possible :up:) but can also play bass if required. Am decent at all 3 I guess. I don't have any gigging experience, unfortunately, but I would like to get some. Am also limited to a crappy Microcube as an amp - so I'd obviously have to hire something bigger at any "bring your own amp" kinda gigs.

Aside from that my influences are pretty varied, so I'm up for most things. I'm mostly into alternative stuff. Favourites are: Soundgarden, Tom Petty, Big Star, QOTSA, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Dino Jr, Mudhoney, Mogwai, Husker Du, Pearl Jam, Afghan Whigs, Black Sabbath... the list goes on really - I'm pretty damn open minded. :king:

PM me if you're interested.

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