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For Sale; Caparison TAT-I w/ OHSC


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Bought new last November; looking to get 850 for it. The bridge Humbucker has been replaced with a Lundgren M6, the Middle and Neck pickups are the stock Caparison SH-N's and they're both coil tappable using the Push/Push on the Tone Knob.

Inlays are pretty cool - Clocks marking the time as a fret position. (1st fret 1 O'Clock, 9th fret 9 O'Clock etc.)

No chips or dings as the guitar hasn't been gigged but I had to drill an extra hole in the middle of the pickup ring to get the M6 to fit and when I was doing all that I managed to lose one of the screws holding the pickup selector in place so replaced it with a screw that doesn't sit flush, nothing affecting the guitar tonally.





Only reason I'm selling is because I've got two ESP's coming and one of them has arrived at the shop far quicker than I was expecting. :(

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More bad news - sold pending payment!

Play Bass in Element106

play a big variety of styles - though sadly I don't play _any_ of them well to be honest hoho! Trying to get an industrial band up and running but I need an amp first. It's going to be a VHT Sig X, a Diezel VH4/Herbert or a Splawn Nitro. Probably going to be either the VHT or the Splawn as they're about 800 cheaper and I could use that cash to get the cabinet and then next year get the Diezel. :up:

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