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Metal Guitarist searching band, has a solo demo


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Hey guys :up:

currently looking for a project to join, since getting one together isint very easy

MySpace.com - Bleeding Skies - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Alternative / Techno - www.myspace.com/bleedingskies1 - a few samples of what my style sort of is, but i do pretty much all metal, for skill level, i can sweep at like 140bpm cleanly, and well. i can pretty much play most rythm, id prolly struggle with something like necrophagist though haha

Ive got decent equipment, peavey 5150 II head and 4x12 gt-75s cab aswell as i 1x12 vintage 30 and jcm900 4501 combo, i use 7 and 6 string guitars :up:

So drop me a pm or reply in here, ill check back

My msn and email is thefragking@msn.com


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