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Big Pauper + Cars & Trains + Lamplighter @ Snafu, 8th October


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Wednesday 8th October 2008

Snafu, 1 Union St, Aberdeen, AB11 5BU. Phone 01224 596111

Doors 7.30pm

Entry 5





With a penchant for forgotten sound and carded technology, Portland based Big Pauper/Panzah Zandahz attempts to reintegrate these lost artifacts in to the collective conscious, one disjointed tape edit at a time. Armed to the teeth with homemade circuit bendables, dilapidated old synths and stacks of b-grade VHS tapes Big Pauper skillfully bobs and weaves through the saturated battlefield of conventional electronic music to create something unique and moving. Big Pauper weaves aural tapestries of glitchy beat driven orchestral ambiance and psych drenched cut & paste sample-scapes setting a mood that ranges anywhere from a blissful lingering sadness to a late night high at the drive-in.

Big Pauper established himself over the years as an acclaimed mash-up artist, DJ tool author and founder of the abstract hip hop label Token Recluse. His Me & THIS Army: Radiohead Remixed & Mashed Up album has been (pretty accurately) estimated to have been downloaded in its entirety over three million times. And his DJ tools have been used publicly by the likes of A-Trak and Kid Koala. In the more recent years Big Pauper has toured internationally and recorded as the production half of Two Ton Sloth, a Portland based convergence of poetry and electro acoustical hip hop with spoken word cult hero Brad Hamers (of 3SC & Phlegm fame).

With mash-ups, DJ tools and collaborations waning Big Pauper has set his sights on a series of singles, EPs and a solo album. Throw your favorite vintage porno, Cut Chemists drum library and Dr. Dementos brain in to a blender and youve got Big Paupers new single, The Simple Life. Its a sexploitational cut & paste romp in to the heart of commitment-phobia, and just a small sampling (no pun intended) of the strange and beautiful things Big Pauper has in store for us. Stay tuned.



Portland based multi-instrumentalist cars & trains (twenty-seven year old Tom Filepp) took a cross-country step closer to realizing an amicable combination of his love of folk earnestness and electronic immediacy with the 2007 release Rusty String. Woodwinds interweaved with banjos, trumpets, strings and glocken- spiel, fleshing out dynamically engaging song structures. cars & trains albums sit somewhere between stations on the analog dial, where an old country broadcast breaches into absent-minded waves of static, synching up as if on purpose. Filepps compositions consist of handfuls of microscopic crafted worlds, shaped with tiny precision borrowed from recordings in backwoods Appalachia and urban settings. The latent energies of those places are captured and realized, mixing solitary rural twang with driving electronic elements. Songs paint imagery of overgrown grass reaching through cracked sidewalks, hazy suburban childhoods playing not-so-benign games, self hypnosis, and bullet ridden statues standing alone in town squares.

Banjo driven four to the floor stompers yield to spacious instrumentals laden with sampled americana. Bursts of orchestral cacophony and found sound then break through to reposition the listener. cars & trains evokes early Morr Music releases by bands like Tarwater, intersecting with folk-oriented electronic groups like Tunng. Found sound and distorted tape samples create urban lullaby landscapes. Undaunted, meloncholic drums and timid textures are reminicent of cloudDEAD or Tujiko Noriko. Live sets typically consist of energetically looped banjo and viola, built on a foundation of synths and live triggered drums. Filepps vocals, trumpet and occasional clarinet help augment the live rendering of songs off of both the 2AM EP and cars & trains latest release, Rusty String. The improvisational approach to his live sets usually mean no two shows are the same; they flow seamlessly, not relying on looping technique as a gimmick.

As cars & trains, Filepp has done remixes for and collaborated with boy in static, Sole, Demune, Ancient Mith, Bomarr & Telephone Jim Jesus, King Rhythm, Two Ton Sloth and K-The-i???. He has shared the stage with folks including Sole & The Skyrider Band, Telephone Jesus, WHY?, and Dosh.



Lamplighter is solo artist/producer based in Aberdeen, who cuts up classical piano/string samples with hip-hop percussives and analogue electronica.


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First IMP gig in SNAFU.


as mentioned elsewhere, we may be doing an interview type piece with Big Pauper and Cars & Trains in the next Snafu magazine.

anyone got any questions they'd like answered?

the music industry?

portland scene?

US life in general?


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