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Mandolin wanted

Monk Rocker

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Bit of a long shot. I need a mandolin as mine if fucked;(

Does anybody have one that I could maybe borrow for a fortnight. It would be much appreciated, and will be recompensed in booze! I'm not into abusing equipment, and it would be looked after.

Here's hoping for some kind soul to help me out?( :O

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I may be able to help out, as I have a spare mandolin (on loan at the moment but I should be able to get it back) - It's an acoustic washburn - I do have a stickon pickup that can be borrowed as well if amplification.

When do you need it for?

PM me - I'll PM you with my email address too (although I'm online tonight until 9ish, I won't be back online until Thursday am)


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