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Anyone else watched this? It seems to have been given universally terrible reviews by the press despite coming from Nicholas Roeg. I can understand why though, some of the acting is really, truly terrible and hammy, especially lead Kelly Reilly and the pathetic cringeworthy cameo by Donald Sutherland. It reminded me in that respect of Bad Timing, which I literally couldn't finish watching due to the painfully shit acting "talent" of Art Garfunkel. Ontop of that, there are some pretty clumsily executed scenes and on the whole it made it difficult to engage with the film too seriously.

However - it is a genuinely creepy story in the vein of The Wickerman (i.e outsiders gradually discover local rural types are total mentalists) and I thought Miranda Richardson and Leona Igoe were great in it aswell. It is not another Performance or The Man Who Fell to Earth though, and feels more like a made for tv drama than a serious film.....

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