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Drummer Craved....


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Hey guys, my band is after a drummer, as the title obviously indicates...

I'm not really sure how to classify the music we play but here is a list of influences:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs * The White Stripes * Pixies * Belle and Sebastian * Regina Spektor * Radiohead * Muse * Weezer * Anti-Flag * Fugazi * Sunny Day Real Estate

Its a bit of a mix as you can see, we have a recording up on our myspace (a bad one recorded with a phone) but the song isn't a good indication of the stuff we play. We have a couple of tracks written but we can't really progress without a drummer. My mate stood in for a practice session but he can't play full time due to the fact he has his own band :(

At the mo we are a 3 piece (hopefully 4 piece) band, Singer, Guitarist and myself on Bass. Anyhoo, cheers guys & gals

Oh, and our singer is female so its a slightly different sound.

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