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CDs for sale

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PM me or rite here...

CDs 4:

Delays - Everything's the Rush

Jimmy Eat World - Futures (2CD)

Bill Evans - Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Wire - Pink Flag

Bill Hicks - Rant in E Minor

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free

Nirvana* - Forever Changing (An Introduction)

Rooster - Rooster

System of a Down - System of a Down

Kano - Home Sweet Home

Delays - Faded Seaside Glamour

*Your 60s pop psych friends, not Kurdt and co.

CDs 2:

(hed)pe - The Best Of

M. Craft - I Can See It All Tonight

Pretty Things - Latest Writs/Greatest Hits, the best of

Maximum System of a Down, the unauthorised autobiography

Rick Wakeman and the New English Rock Emsemble - Out There

These ones are singles/promo things and for free in case anyone wants them:

The Stills - Changes Are No Good

Leya - The Dream That Money Bought

The Kills - The Good Ones

Dr. Dog - The World May Never Know

Deftones - Hexagram

Simple Kid - Truck On

Happylife - The Way You Hate Me

Delays - Lost in a Melody/Wanderlust with videos

Longwave - Wake Me When It's Over

Anthony and the Johnsons - You Are My Sister

Dogs - Tarred and Feathered (What a Bad Boy!)

3 Doors Down - Here Without You

R.E.M. - Animal

The Webb Brothers - Ms. Moriarty 7"

Radio 4 - Absolute Affirmation 7"

The Ordinary Boys - Maybe Someday 7"

Belle and Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby 7"

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