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Equipment Wanted!!


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Hey, I'm looking for some second-hand equipment:

1) High end Bass Amp preferably Trace, will pay top money for a good amp (1x15 300w ideal) will pay 250+

2) PA system for practice, around an 80w model plus speakers. Cheaper the better!

3) Good 4 Track (analogue) i.e Tascam 414/424 or Fostex equivalent. Will pay 100+

Anyone selling any other bits and pieces then give me a shout as I'm also on the lookout for mic stands, xlr/jack leads, guitar effects (espec Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah) and any acoustic guitar of good quality (12 string vintage Eko/Martin etc, G Series etc).

Not a short list but its a tough business!!

Give me an email if you have the right gear u02ial@hotmail.com :band:

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Originally posted by N.M:

Wasn't that sold ages ago, or am I the only one who sees the connection between the word "SOLD" and objects having passed into other ownership.

Just a though mind you...

i dont think so..

i am buying the vibratrem pedal off him, and i only asked about it after the sold message had appeared, he also said that he still had the wah if i wanted it...

i think sold was refering to the other item


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Guest fat_bottom_girls

the wah is reserved for someone but he has not shown up with the dosh yet! if you are interested in it give me a pm! as i still have it!

hint hint to napolenonepizzahouse when you buying it?

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