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Sin-e... Does anyone have opinions?

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awright man

I saw your band back when we played with you guys at Drummonds (Dr. Flaw were also playing). We thought you guys were very tight, we thought you were an excellent guitarist and we thought that musically your band seemed to have its finger on the button; the songs (as far as I can remember cos it was a while back) were all good. Maybe don't cover the Beatles tune though, as your own songs are good enough.

The result we considered irrelevant, as we all hate battle of the bands with a mighty passion (except our singer who entered us for that particular one without telling us!) Dr. Flaw were also a top band and to be honest we were really surprised to win as we genuinely thought one of you would come out on top.

So I liked you guys, the only thing I would say is maybe your singer was a tiny bit flat...but nothing major!

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