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chris leslie

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We were playing last night with a band called Echomind...would be worth checking out for anyone who appreciates Pink floyd, Muse, Coldplay or Radiohead! As far as I understand they're only a couple of gigs old, but were quite tight and assured on stage, and save for maybe one or two songs at the start, the writing was excellent.

might be worth checking out if anyone's interested.

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Yeah, I think they are really good. Unfortunately I couldn't make the gig last night but I was at their other two gigs and thought both were good. I like the way their music changes, like it goes from sounding similar to Coldplay to been a bit like Mogwai, then there's the Pink Floyd styled stuff etc. I think they are playing at Drummonds on the 7th June, although I could be wrong.

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Yeah, I've seen them play once. Their set opened in darkness, with synth and guitar soloing. Very Floydish. But then, the bulk of the set was more in the vein of Turin Brakes or something. Not really bad thing, but I was looking forward to a bit of a Space Rock band, and was slightly disappointed.

Overall though, yeah I think they're good and definitely worth checking out.

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Nice one :)

We are pretty eclectic. Um... it's pretty hard to say really.

We've been described as:

"Indian Space Rock with a side-order of Electric Blues."


"How can you describe these? If Pink Floyd played the blues they would sound

something like this...you will be amazed!"

If you want comparisons, I guess you could hear influences of Pink Floyd or Radiohead.

Hope you enjoy it.

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