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Taking the plunge...


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Im originally a bass player but found being in bands isnt really for me I feel totally under pressure to make a commitment that I dont want to keep and I end up not enjoying the music Im making.

So I havent gigged in a year and took up the guitar teaching myself the basics and writing my own material in the last 6 months. Im at the stage now where I can pretty confidently play the stuff by myself and pull it off to a decent standard (I think anyway).

Im by no means a perfectionist and I wouldnt say my playing is amazing but I can hold my own so I guess my question is this.

Do I book a gig now and run the risk of making a twat of myself cause Im not actually ready?

Or do I hang on another year or so?

For example whats more important to the quality of the songs or the quality of the playing?

Any thoughts are appreciated Im a bit unsure at the moment! :up:

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I guess I want people to hear the songs so in a way that answers my question.

I just dont want to have to feel apologetic for my playing like "Sorry if this is shit guys!"

I've considered playing to a couple of mates first see what they think. Musical mates like not just any bozo o_O

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