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[GIG] GFN? presents: The Murderburgers + The Lie Detectors + more @ The Tunnels

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well kirk...

THE MURDERBURGERS - awesome, fast, shouty pop punk from Glasgow - influences like Screeching Weasel, The Lillingtons and The Ramones.

THE LIE DETECTORS - pop punk 3-piece from Glasgow setting out on their first touring dates - soundin like Teenage Bottlerocket.

LOS HOMOS - their first ever gig! featuring former members of A Gayboy Scene. Somewhere between thrashy pop punk and good old-fashioned rock'n'roll.

AVOID THE MORNING - promising newly-formed local band playing their second gig. on the poppier side of the pop punk spectrum.

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I also want rid of my gfn? zines issue no.4 so i can start a new one. it's got interviews with the Fractions, JB Conspiracy, a founder of Brewdog beer, and No Sweat. also some *great* new features like the dot-to-dot and nerdsearch (3 minutes of your life you'll never see again), and old favourite Rapunzel's Crusty Corner! And all on recyled paper for the eco-friendly among you. All for just 50p! cheers

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