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Devin talking about his new works... Sounds interesting...

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Copied from hevyDevy forums... register there!

I have songs...

A Monday



The Way Home

Lady Helen

Synchronicity Freaks

Gato Negro

Demon Leauge

Thinking very hard...The record may be called 'Ki' or 'Ki-Ra'

It's very different and very special...very strange...very minimal...deeply satisfying and sometimes very heavy in a 'new' way...it may be too dark for some. I've worked on this record more than almost any record I've ever done next to Ocean Machine. Sometimes I think it's brilliant and sometimes it freaks me out.

I have an ambient record in the works as well. (That one is a ways away though...)

Konrad' date=' who did the Hummer and Devlab art is doing this layout and videos and he is doing an AMAZING job.

I might start recording over the holidays.

It will confuse most, and absolutely satisfy some.

It's sober.

talk soon...[/quote']


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