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Are you an Indie band looking for a remix?

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Guest tompty


I am looking to remix a local Indie band who have recorded material for 2 or more tracks.

I have a couple of years of production experience, mostly in various forms of dance music; techno, house, experimental etc, however i am going in a new direction looking at producing cross-over Indie-House tracks. Im beginning to think this could be a really big new sound!

Having focused solely on electronic music though i have little experience in playing/writing Indie songs so i am looking for a couple of decent quality tracks that your band have made.

In my studio, the gear i use for live recording is really not suitable for recording vocals and drums ( bad acoustics, lack of decent mics ) as i use sequencers and synths in my productions, so ideally you will have a semi-professional recording already ( done in Captain Tom's etc ). I would need the seperately recorded parts ( one for drums, vocals etc ) but if you have recorded, im sure you will have this already. Ie i could'nt work with a song recorded and put together in full.

So if you are interested in getting your songs remixed for a new sound, and have some decent recordings give me a pm here.

Just to make clear this would be free! ( unless it ends on MTV2 ;) )

EDIT: Forgot to mention, i would need the recorded parts Dry ( no effects; reverb, delay etc ) Cheers.

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