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Salako & Former Miss America.....sun 6th June

Dizzy Storm

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The first Salako album, Re-inventing Punctuation, was released in August 1998. It was recorded in a bedroom in the spring of that year, after the band signed to Jeepster Recordings. The 20 track album got great reviews, 8/10 in NME and 4/5 in Q and eventually won Best international album in Spain, beating the likes of Massive Attack and Air.

Salako then gained praise for their idiosyncratic live shows and they performed throughout Britain and caught the attention of John Peel, whom they recorded a session for before retreating back into the bedroom to record the second album.

Musicality was the title of the second album, which was released in June 1999. It made use of more varied instrumentation, and even saw the band leave the bedroom to record on a beach, a newsagent and in a church. To play the songs live Salako created a more organic sound and then proceeded to stun Britain, America and Europe during which time they supported Pavement on their last ever tour.

After this time Salako released a series of e.ps, performed live for John peel and gained a single of the week in Melody Maker. They then started recording their third album. This time in a studio with Michael Brennan, who has worked with Super Furry Animals and Elastica, throughout late 2000 and 2001. Over the next couple of years the band finished the record with the help of Tim Wills, a producer who trained with Trevor Horn, and has worked with Ian Brown. The album will now be released in April 2004 on Tablature recordings. For this new album, called: The story of our life so far, Salako have again changed their live sound. The band have added a more raw and electric edge to their performances, which they plan to play throughout Britain and Europe in 2004. www.salako.net and see http://www.nme.com/reviews/3183.htm for reviews


FMA are essentially Anthony Carter who scribes the melodies and the words together with Chris Needham - (not of video diary fame) who delivers on the beats and electronica.

The Acid folk Ep is FMA's first release on Liverpool based Robot Records. FMA

have just finished recording their debut album 'Carnivalism' which will be available later this year. The album was recorded wholly in Liverpool by Norwegian production team Tord Nigraines, Fredrik Martol and Tim Way (Virus Audio). The band are now a four piece and will be touring odd and eccentric venues over the next few months to make some new friends around the UK isles. A second EP by FMA will be released in March this year. http://www.robot-robot.co.uk




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