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Somehow my two boss pedals went missing from moshulu about 3 weeks ago and I have had no joy in finding them. I'm a very poor student so if you happen to come across them or hear about someone who found them in moshulu please let me know!:down:

this kind of thing really pi$$es me off. i hate minks who pinch peoples gear. hope you are able to find them or at least nail the responsible pr**k to the wall. you think it might be someone who works there?

once had a support band in glasgow take their gear off stage before my band went on and the guy had his pedals beside mine. when he packed them up he proceeded to try and lift my voodoo labs power supply. when "politely" noted thats my power supply he looked flustered and said "oh sorry pal, was nae thinkin". aye well not suprised from a brain dead tea leaf min!!

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