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The Breakfast Club - 2 ?!?!?


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They wouldn't would they.....?

I've heard rumblings that it's back on. There was talk of it in 2006, John Hughes was trying to reunite the cast for a sequel and Emilio Estevez was right behind it:

"John's got an idea for a sequel - mature aged students at college, all doing time again - for some reason or another," he reveals.

"The twist would be that we're all the polar opposites of how we were in the original. Judd [Nelson], for instance, would now be the straight-laced one. I'm definitely in. If it happens, I'm there."

However he later backed out and it was shelved, but then it was rumoured to be back on again, with John Hughes starring in it himself.

If this happens I will kill John Hughes. That is all I have to say about that.

Anyway, everyone knows that St Elmos Fire is the REAL sequel to the Breakfast Club.....

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