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Huge Clearout, grab a bargain

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The Majority of Items are up for offers, pm me for more details on an object, any sensible offer will be accepted, some items are repeated - because i have multiple ones.

because I need to get rid of it all. Huge chance to pick up some bargains, pickup only.


300W Halogen bulb - 2 pack

1 box/holder Unicorn Darts without flights

Digital Camera - Goodmans GDC 1388 1.3mp

TV Multi Remote With Manual, magician-4

Games Consoles and Accessories

PSONE - 2 controllers - some games

XBOX - 2 Controllers

Gameboy Colour

megadrive Controller - Original

Megadrive Controller - non original - turbo buttons

Menacer IR Receiver for megadrive

Original NES controller

Original NES controller

Nintendo Gamecube - 1 controller

Sega Dreamcast - 2 controllers, Gun and 1 VM Card

Computers and Accessories

Apple EMAC

Pentium 2 250mhz with heatsink and fan

100mbps LAN Card

Toner Cartridge for Espon EPL-1200

S3 Trio Graphics Card

Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL Modem

128mb PC133 SDRAM chip

64mb PC100 SDRAM chip

Samsung 2.16GB Hard Disk

Samsung 4.3GB Hard Disk

DC brushless Heatsink fan 1.97"x1.97"

Lexmark 90 Photo Printer Ink

Computer Software

Windows NT4 CD Edition with Manual

Windows 3.1 Floppy disks

Windows XP Home

Audio/Video Objects

Speaker Microphone - boxed new, receipt - 10 ono

Dual RCA plug shielded cable 1.8m phillips

Dual RCA plug shielded cable 1m generic

Scart Lead

Scart Lead


1 Basic white corded phone

Nokia Charger

Nokia Charger

Nokia Charger

Nokia Charger

Big bag of landline phones - old phones unknown working order


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