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the bands playing gonorth this year (and where they come from)

The Ghost Of Fudge

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this is probably up somewhere else, but who knows? i certainly don't...

Here's the full alphabetical lineup of bands (and where they're from) who will play at GoNorth on June 9th and 10th - further details as they're announced:

AKA the Fox - Aberdeen Aziz - Manchester Rolan Bolan - USA The Casuals - Glasgow The Caves - Wales The Cellers - Aberdeen Dead Fly Buchowski - Glasgow Dedalus - Aberdeen Diablo - Aberdeen Dionysus - Highlands Gem - Holland Glitterstar - Newcastle Half Cousin - Orkney Is Roddy Hart - Glasgow Hoboken - Glasgow Kain - Glasgow Kid Carpet - Bristol Ally Kerr - Glasgow Millenium Child - Aberdeen The Needles - Aberdeen Northern Remedy - Dundee Kevin O'Hara - Highlands Pomegranate - Glasgow Poor Old Ben - Paisley Quinn - Glasgow Raar - Highlands Maria Solheimm - Norway Spooner - Glasgow Teitur - Faroe Is Tiger Bombs - Finland

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Guest prerogative
i thought they were playing as part of gonorth?

So did I, but on the website i seen Kain underneath a header of Edinburgh, and someone else over Aberdeen but maybe I was skullphuukd, ???

i couldnt find site url and i gotta run, anyone care to elaborate?

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