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female vocalist wants to join band!


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hi im 24 and looking to meet some like minded people who like to chill and make music together, not too fussy about music type, i like pretty much all music,was in an ambient band before (lamb infulenced) but can also do rocky or softer stuff too. i would easily do backing vocals as well, as im very good at harmonising. my voice is alto so i can sing a lot of songs written for males pretty good :o)

i can also play the tamborine

if ur interested in getting together, u can contact me at


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Vocalist needed

Hey there,

Our band desperately needs a vocalist, we have demos you can check out at MySpace.com - Zed Machine - Aberdeen, UK - Electronica / Alternative / Electro - www.myspace.com/thezedmachine and there should be a few more to come over the next few weeks. We have a very varied taste in music and are more than willing to experiment and take on any ideas you may have...for sure. We rehearse every tuesday night in a home studio (no studio fees woohoo) all we ask is that your keen :). Feel free to contact me at fertuiee@hotmail.com or Steve through the bands myspace page


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Hi there,

I am writing a lot of songs just now, looking at putting a band together, but I have been recording with a session female singer. I deally I need someone to fill the gap in a live band I am putting together to perform it. Wandered if you had any recordings of you singing?


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