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  1. It sounds it, my feed is buried in it at the moment. By all means go make a few quid, especially if it means sitting your arse on Facebook all day, ill tip my hat to that!. Its just all the patronising, "saccharine sweet" LIFE messages that seem to go with it. Nobody is allowed to have an "alright" day any more, everything has to be fantarrrstecc! - or SO exciting. Don't be happy with just average, aim for the top!. Yeh, like that helped with the other 37 years. I'll tell you when life was fantastic, exciting and worth "internet" screaming over will i? at Christmas, between the ages of 4 and 10. Thats - It!. Certainly not by selling cunting toothpaste. Cunts.
  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  3. Yes, I think so. Aloe Vera, its supposed to be life changing, its changed mine anyway. To one of constant annoyance.
  4. "Forever Living". Does somebody want to explain what the shitting fuck this is?, because every time I see anything regarding it, it ends up in someone bragging about how much money they earn or what super sized fish tank they are going to buy, shortly before telling you how bad your life is without it..............I thought it was just a joke from Team America
  5. The bassist from Fu Manchu makes these. I got one a couple of years ago and its brilliant. Really versatile. Its Doom's really well but you can turn the dial and it becomes a pretty dirty, dirt box. Thats the best kind of dirt box, a dirty one, so im told.
  6. Hello, I need some frets looking at on an acoustic guitar, i'm hoping they just need dressing, but its more likely it needs at least a partial refret. Anyone do this kind of thing? or know anyone that does? Mark
  7. There are so many reasons why this should be bad, so many!. It isn't. Taking into account that Buzzo and Crover could sing or shout over a breaking pane of glass and i would shit my pants, its still pretty tremendous. He / they dont tour anywhere near enough over here, he did a solo show in Bristol i think ( the centre of everywhere...) not much else. His banter, judging by youtube is cracking. Stories of Iggy Pop cancelling a show after 20 minutes because Weezer are there, Mike Patton shitting on the audience at a Mr Bungle gig and not being friends with Dave Grohl anymore, all good to listen too. This is good. 8/5. Houdini is 10/5.
  8. Saw them live about 5 years ago and thought they were pretty good. Although, I've never been arsed to properly listen to them. I do realise, by the way, i am god knows many years behind with this!. I was expecting them to be a bit more bonkers, however, its nothing that out of the ordinary really, apart from Nick Cave, his lyrics are fucking ace ( i think )...were talking about someone that has managed to use the word "Dandelion" TWICE on the same record!. That's the best bit about it really, Nick Caves lyrics and vocal approach, pretty hilarious. 3/5.
  9. Disgruntled Stoke fan after yesterdays 1-0 defeat at Southampton ( a more than decent side, by all accounts ) "Dour. Need to up it. Not creating enough chances...or in a word, UTTERLY FRUSTRATING!" Awesome.
  10. "Im just so ecstatic atm My lovely man has booked London as a surprise in december and jaime Oliver's restaurant eeeeekkkk" Fucking hell.
  11. Hi, Im after 2 x Standing tickets if possible. Hit me up if you have any, i can meet anywhere. Mark
  12. Hello. At the moment we are a 3 piece ( guitars, bass, drums ) but are looking to get someone in to play a 2nd guitar. We have been jamming for a couple of months and the stuff is sounding very - Mastodon, ISIS, Melvins, Old Man Gloom...etc. Thats certainly not to say we are up for doing a lot quieter stuff, but thats just how it sounds at the moment. Pretty open. Nothing too serious, we all have commitments and other bands and the like. Once a week, own your own gear, have your own car, dont listen to shite, reasonable level of ability etc..... Tonnes of demos and ideas, ill hit you up as and when needed. Ta Mark
  13. Guitar Box ....dont get excited its not a case its a cardboard box that a guitar came in for a guitar to be sold as a guitar. I know that these can come in handy, so get in touch.
  14. Yeh, doesnt get here until mid-week but pretty chuffed. Heard that First Act Custom shop in Boston had closed and that there is a whisper of the luthiers working with Kurt Ballou and his "God City Instruments".? dont know if anyone on here can verify that?. Was trying to do some research on them on the net and its pretty limited to folks swearing at each other on forums.
  15. Just landed this for an absolute steal. First Act Lola Custom Shop. Lovely.
  16. Not footy related, but ive seen a fair bit of Piers Morgan "love" ( or not ) on these boards in the past, so i think this might be quite enjoyable for some. I suppose hes trying to prove a point about Englands players being "scared" or something, when all he really proves is what a prize prick he is, a prize prick with a bunch of fuck off bruises on his back. http://www.theguardian.com/sport/video/2013/dec/27/piers-morgan-brett-lee-over-cricket
  17. Pretty busy this year really, since joining Deadloss weve been writing a shed load of new stuff, so hopefully will get that recorded at some point in the not too distant future for folks to listen too. Been trying for aaaaaages to do a doom project, but its basically fizzled out into doing home demos with the hope of doing it seriously at some point. This is what it was / is sounding like. https://soundcloud.com/#the-hidden-mountain Oh!! speaking of DOOM, i did a Christmas song!!! just an experiment to see what sort of sound i could get in the house really. Full of mistakes and dodgy solos but anyway. Its called "The Lloyd Christmas Song" https://soundcloud.com/#forget-to-remember/track-title ...some acoustic stuff i mess about with from time to time there also.
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