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Death From Exposure Tonight 5-7pm ASR

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On tonights show we'll be mainly playing bands that are playing the triptych festival so bands such mogwai, clinic, candi staton, four tet, frightened rabbit,malcolm middleton, and kitchen cynics.

also bands such as beirut bat for lashes.

tune in ASR | Home or ASR | Home give us an e-mail any request or just general chat.

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tried listening again but i dont think there is that option?

how do you mean? could you not get it to work? along the top of the web page theres the options home, listen, shows, contact, about. once you click listen you have to choose between Low Quality, High Quality, Ultimate Quality and than it should start playing through windows media player or what every music player you use be it itunes, VLC, etc...

it's shame you couldn't get it working, one of my friends said he couldn't get it to work either so I'll to speak to the station manager.

I didn't playing any FOUND this time as I'm finding hard to FIND any of thier albums, pun intended, i'll try and get hold of some found and skeletons & the kings of all cities and play it for you next week, also please let me know if there is anything else you'd like to hear.

Also if you'd like to you could send us a demos/ep's of bands from your label, that would be great!

Aberdeen Student Radio

The Hub

Elphinstone Road


AB24 3TU


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this week's show, today at 5 will be 1 hour of scottish music eg mogwai, malcolm middleton, lone pigion, down the tiny steps, frightened rabbit, and some local bands like the little kicks, the pheonix band etc

as well as 1 hour of Psych folk and mixutre of my favourite new songs

so artiest will include espers, vetiver, caribou, akron family, devendra banhart and clinic, adam green, vampire weekend, the breeders, I AM KLOOT.

and ofcouse if want to request anything...............

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