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Anyone remember the band Pryer ?

Nat Stratcat

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Hi, I'm new here (but no spring chicken!)

In the mid 70s I played in a band caled Pryer - basically heavy metal covers. We played round the usual venues, the Treetops Hotel, Beach, Aberdeen Uni and RGIT plus much further afield, RAF Lossie, Banff Springs hotel, Strathpeffer, Golspie (always a favourite that one), Clark Inn Peterhead and even as far south as Nicky Tamms in Edinburgh.

Our main claim to fame (?) was our lead guitarist Niall Matthewson who's still going strong with Pallas. I saw them a couple of years back in the Lemon Tree sounding as good as ever.

Another band around at that time was The Squibs that featured the amazing Dave Baird on bass.

I was born and brought up in Aberdeen and left in 1977 to follow an engineering career. I've lived in Edinburgh for the last 29 years but don't get back to Aberdeen very much.

I did play in a band called The Runners based in Edinburgh in the mid 80s and still jam with friends now and again and maybe someday I'll get back gigging again.


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I remember Pryer....think I saw you quite a few times. Did Doug Argo not play keyboards with you? I was in his company a couple of months ago at a reunion of musicians who played on Paul Hansford's 'Strange Stone' album. (Niall Matthewson plyed lead on one song, too).

The Squibs I remember better...still see Dave about quite a bit (usually in 'Under the Hammer' or Drummonds). I always think it's a shame he's not still playing.

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Thanks Alan. The line up did include Doug on keyboards, me on bass, Ian Motion on vocals and Graham Buyers on drums, later replaced by Phil Arthur. I left the band in 1977 but they continued for some time after that.

I've totally lost touch with all my old Aberdeen mates, even the ones who migrated south with me - moving to Edinburgh via Coventry, getting married and having kids does that !

I agree about DB - it's a shame they didn't get the breakthrough they deserved. John Peel was a fan and did give them some airtime but sadly it wasn't enough.

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