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ah ha ha ha ha ha ha


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anyone see morrissey on jools holland last night? apart from an excellant performance it was class the way he shut mr smug chops (who thankfully didn't play boogie woogie piano)

jools holland - 'is there any other TV programme you'd rather be on?'

Morrissey - 'yes jools, Badgerwatch'

the hapless pin suited smug git was lost for words!

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I think Jools Holland is great.... I think....

I always see in the bells at New Year at a fantastic party, which always stops as everyone crowds into the living room to see Jools Holland count down. Unfortunately, only the core music lovers watch the bands that he has on before the bells. Oh well...

Shit! That's the second post in 3mins that I've ended with "Oh well..."

I must end with a different word... like 'Sausage'.


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Guest redmeat

I like the fact Jools Holland isn't a great presenter or particularly funny. He's better than most of the other pricks on T.V.

I think Morrissey's lost his edge in interviews. I used to like his dry wit.

eg (from Q magazine)


A: Yes, I stopped crying for half an hour

But now he just sounds like a parody of himself.

:moody: :moody: :moody: :moody: :moody:X(

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i just get the feeling that morrissey goes on programmes like jools holland to take the piss in his own way. its not as if he's desperate for record sales or the publicity.....

you know there's not many artists who can play just about anything from their back catalogue and have his adoring fans singing along to every word.

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