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Soda Jerk

JD EXPLORER Guitar For Sale *Cheap!*

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'Jim Deacon' Explorer copy guitar. FOR CHEAP!

Gold hardware, stock JD pickups, set neck with a solid Alder body. Wine red finish with white scratchplate, rosewood fingerboard and all that junk.

For a cheapo Jim Deacon guitar, the build quality is very impressive. Comes with a brand new (still tagged) Explorer fitted Gig Bag, with pockets, shoulder straps and everything!

Sounds fine, and plays fine. Could really do with a good set up and the right gauge strings to match the action of the guitar. The high frets on the high E string have some buzzing and muting, but it's never been set up properly.

Here's some pictures... (Not great quality and kind of dark. Apart from 2 or 3 very minor scuffs, it's in perfect condition!)

The whole thing. Hand not included.


The gold hardware. Gold knobs included (They didn't come as standard. I can give you the black plastic knobs if you prefer them)


The headstock. I don't know who Jim Deacon is, but his guitars are alright.


I wanted one because I yearned for a pointy guitar. The novelty has worn off and there's no room for it in my flat (It won't lean against the wall very well because it has a huge pointy arse).

I can meet you in town with it, Or you're welcome to come to my flat and give it a shred. Like I say, it needs a set up to sort out the string buzz/muting, but that is only on 3 frets towards the very high end of the fretboard on the high E string.

The pointy axe and a (brand new!!) bag that fits the pointy guitar inside for just 60. I can't really go any lower than that, but it's a steal at that price. The case was 1/3 of the price alone. The three gold metal (telecaster style) knobs weren't much less.


PM or reply here and we'll talk business.

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