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  1. As the title says, the prices of these are rediculous, places selling standing tickets from 60 to 120. Standing tickets only =D
  2. Auctions are not the best place to buy, unless your 100% sure about spotting crap. Friend of mine bought a car for 3 grand, when he drove out of the place the fuel tank fell out. Turns out it was held in with bungee cords =/.
  3. I have indeed, sorry. Thread can be closed if mod sees this?
  4. DS is sold. Give me offers for DVDs and CDs from now on, just want rid of them with some pint money =]
  5. Looking for quick sales, i can deliver but only to Aberdeen area. For postage add an extra 1.50 for DVDs, 1 for CDs and 5 for DS. I have for sale my DS with 4 games. Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Advance Wars: Dark Conflict Zoo Tycoon Final Fantasy Tactics 2 Bought for roughly 160, sell for 80. Months old with boxes and manuals. CDs are all going for 3 each: Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil Trivium - Ember To Inferno Machine Head - Burn My Eyes Machine Head - Supercharger# Machine Head - The More Things Change... Anthrax - Among the Living Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine# Machine Head - The Blackening The Best Of Atreyu Shadows Fall - The Art Of Balance Dark Tranquility - Fiction Shadows Fall - Threads Of Life Witchery - Symphony For The Devil Exodus - Bonded By Blood Dream Theatre - Train Of Thought Firewind - Allegiance Alice In Chains - Facelift DVDs for 4 each: Team America: World Police (scratched, works but ill make it 3 anyway) Se7en Zoolander Shaun Of The Dead Fantastic 4 Underworld: Evolution The Hills Have Eyes The Simpsons: Backstage Pass Pitch Black The Chronicles of Riddick The Badpack Storm Mortal Kombat: Conquest Bruce Almighty Primal Species Children Of Bodom: Chaos Riddin Years I think thats it all, might be adding some more stuff later. If you buy 2 or more things il deliver for free, one thing then postage please.
  6. Quick sale for 80's delivered or 100 P&P
  7. Had to sell mine a while ago to pay for bills. Looking to replace it, if anyone has anything then pics and what your asking for it, some games would be nice aswell =] I can pick up from anywhere in the Aberdeen area
  8. As the title says, bought it for 200 from RnB last year and i've rarely played it. ESP Guitars B-55 Bass Guitar at DV247.COM Open to offers but only reasonable ones. I can put up pictures if anyones interested. Ill throw in my strap aswell for an extra fiver. Can deliver to anywhere in the Aberdeen area.
  9. Thanks for the opinions, seems poor generally. I went to view it the other day. I parked up and was welcomed by a junky looking woman staring at me from her front door. I locked and alarmed my car and reluctantly crossed the street to the block of flats. Before pushing the button i tried the door, gave it a gentle kick and it swung open. Ascending to the top of the urine soaked stairs was quite a treat... i guess. The flat was huge though, for 600 a month it offered 2 huge bedrooms, a large living room and plenty of space for me and my friend. Apart from the whole place stinking of paint it was brilliant. Although i don't want to live in fear of damaged property or damaged me. =/ Declined their offer.
  10. Hi there, my friend and i are going to view a flat in froghall avenue tomorrow and as i recall it doesn't seem like to nice an area... does anyone know if its good or bad or what sort of stuff goes down there. I just got a brand new car aswell and i dont want to come out one morning to find it on bricks, yano? It's the area just south of Tillydrone and between George Street and King Street, cheers guys!
  11. PM'd If anyone has a higher offer then let me know sharpish.
  12. Couple of things, the battery thing is called 'Quick Charge Kit'. I added everything up new on play.com and it came to 593. On this note i decided to lower the price to 300. Id rather sell it all as a bundle so unless someone makes me an offer within a couple of days, il start to sell seperatly.
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