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Girl Said No Return to The Lemon Tree


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After their sell out gig to 550 people in January which saw all tickets sold out after 20 minutes of the front dorrs being open, Girl Said No are set to rock The Lemon Tree one more time.

The band return after a break of 3 months with new material, new stories and new bands supporting them including:

Eskimo Blonde - Staple Aberdeen favourites who provided amazing support last time at The Lemon Tree.

Lift - One of Aberdeen's most successful bands who have proved themselves on many occasions

The Drive - These guys bring a range of soaring harmonies and anthemic tunes to the evening starting things of perfectly.

Tickets are 5 and can be bought from all of the band members, the Bobbin Pharmacy on Kings Street and The Lemon Tree Box Office.

There will be a range of drinks promotions on the night.

This is garunteed to be one of the most exciting nights in the Aberdeen Music Scene this year!

For info contact: girlsaidno@hotmail.com

Or visit: www.girlsaidno.co.uk

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In addition to the amazing line up on the night it has now been confirmed that there will be an aftershow party at PIVO round the corner from the Lemon Tree.

The night will roll on til 3 in the morning with lots of incredible drinks promotions, some sort of buffet thing and a free glass of champers when you first go in (while it lasts anyway...)

Hope some of you can make it.

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Originally posted by girl-said-no:

After their sell out gig ....

You represent the band, you are the internet manifestation of the band.

Why do you talk in the third person?

That was one of the most shameless promo's i've ever seen.

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Guest stuartmaxwell

they are a pop rock band who have been recording with polydor at the moment, about to go somewhere

used to be called the long firm

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enought already

Whats with all the big deal about Girl Said No selling out the Lemon Tree, correct me if I am wrong but wasnt there 4 bands on last time, therefore 4 different sets of fans and 4 times as many people there which would greatly explain why it was sold out. I see that tomorrow night there is also 4 bands on, Girl Said No should get off their high horse and realise that its not them that is selling out the lemon tree alone, its 4 bands with their collective fans that contribute to the tickets all being sold. Dont get me wrong, I think Girl Said No are a good band however, am getting a bit fed up with them harping on about how they sold out the lemon tree the last time and hope to do it again they have 4 bands playing with them, of course ticket sales will be high!!!

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