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Hi guys

Take a look at Nessmp3.com: home a great site to find mainly unsigned artists, bands, events etc. also a great site to network and promote your band, music, venue etc. Based up in inverness you get a real personal touch and its gone global much better than my space.

Also look under 'site hubs' , you can see weegieland has got one and Im looking to get enough interest to set up an aberdeen one.

If any one asks tell them The Rev sent you



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aye its good, takes a little time to get used to the navigation though

like nastyspace visit other bands/artists you like and click on fans, also good to feedback / comment about particular songs etc cyber banter etc

once you have uploaded songs, you should get yourself into the chat frames that go along with the radio streams advertised on the home page, artists who are in the chat room will more often than not get a song played live. the room is a great laugh and a fair bit of networking goes on, weve had some gigs out of it as well as feedback about our tunes

you will also always find one of the administrators in the room during shows who are always happy to give advice, also just contact them through the site they are quick to get back to you

you will generally find that your plays will increase over time

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