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need a drummer or van ?


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I am available to do load in , stop on, soundchecks and load out for local or touring bands . I might even sell your merch, take the door money, and tune your drums , but I'd rather just set up the gear and DJ.

I am also available for paid work as a drummer/ percussionist - nae Jazz or pish though.

Book drum tuition here - MUSICAL VISION LTD // ONLINE // HOME

I will be available as a drum tech, driver, tour manager etc here -

Aig Glasgow

If you need a splitter van or other transport for a tour give them a shout, say Biz sent you for some super hot deals.

I can easily be persuaded to do other stuff as long as it's interesting and involves money finding it's way into my pocket, OH , and some drinks and food widnae go amiss either, cheers Biz.

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