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Aberdeen Student Radio Tonight!


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Just plugging my show. I'm on from 7-9pm tonight...minus my co-host Bryn who has shinty. Expect shite banter (hopefully not too bad) and good tunes! Artists to be 'featured' (played) include Sleater-Kinney, Stapleton and Joanna Newsom on the indie rock friendly side of the scale, and Boxcutter, Gabriel Ananda, Matthew Dear and Modeselektor on the electronic side.

Plus more, obviously, but I'm not putting abidy up there.

Listen at Aberdeen Student Radio < i know the website is a sight for sore eyes...click on the headphones at the top of the page to listen...leave a message for me...etc. etc.

(But don't phone because I'll panic since I've forgotten how to work the phone)


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I am just going to mention my radio show that's on on Thursday at 1pm. It'd be nice to have requests which- if plausible- I will do for the next week.

Things I'll be playing vary every week but I'm going to go with some pop music rather than the usual folk I have playing. I made a bit of a playlist and have put such artists as Dananananaykroyd, The Hold Steady, Tom Waits, Nathan Fake, Deerhoof and The Eames Era. Any suggestions and I will have a look before then.

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