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[GIG] Launching "U-Nite" @ The Tunnels


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Fri 2nd Nov sees the launch of new aberdeen night "U-Nite"....whic will be held monthly in The Tunnels Carnaegies Brae

Uniting a blend of up and coming Synth/Electro/Technotronica bands and DJ's, local and international

Launch night features

Luxury Car 'Live' (www.myspace/luxurycar)

DJ Plum (Electronica)

Warm up from Resident DJ's Hooker Barbie (Girls On Top/Sonic Womb) and Jo-D (Girls On Top)

14th Dec - Feautres Brighton band South Central (www/myspace/southcentralmusic)

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I'd be there if I was in town :down:. Will try and make it for December :up:.

ach well Dec is well worth going to, South Central are defo a band to go see!!!

2djs/producers & 5 piece band who have already remixed maccabees, boy kill boy, shitdisco & just finished an NME tour with Enemy!!

They will be headlingin with approx 2hr set - so if anyone is going to Arctic's and wants to see them - they can!!

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