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PSYDOLL - Manga-fuelled industrial punk rock direct from Tokyo.


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Straight from Tokyo to Aberdeen to kick off their latest UK tour, PSYDOLL are back once more!

Digital percussionist Uenoyama and guitar-robot Ucchi join forces with keytar-wielding vocalist Nekoi to create punked-up industrial rock wizzed through an industrial blender. Post-apocalyptic call to arms and cautionary fairytales, all through the eyes of a confused half-organic, half-robotic bunch of crazies. Magic stuff. Like Bladerunner gone a bit 'wrong'.



Also playing are Edinburgh's DEAD ON THE LIVE WIRE, playing their Aberdeen debut. "Menacing quirks and distorted hooks and a vicious male/female vocal dynamic" along with "worst machines ever devised in the 80's as back-up." Nice.



+ support TBC!

The Tunnels

Doors 8pm


Thursday the 11th of October

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To answer ZeromiserY's query on the RSVP slip - If you like Mad Capsule Markets then you'll like some of Psydoll's sound, but they are undoubtedly different - Probably more in line with a crunchy, DHR sound that bursts into frantic electronic mayhem with space-rock guitar! Unmistakably Japanese, though. Funnily enough.

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