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Jim Stax

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Hmm, after having a quick look it's either a way to sell 5000 CD's upfront or a glorified battle of the bands.

EDIT: And after further investigation I would urge everyone to use a rather large bargepole.

"9.4 All rights related to the CD tracks, including intellectual and industrial property rights like copy- and neighbouring rights and Master rights, shall exclusively be vested in SellaBand, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Title Agreement. Besides, Recording, Reproduction and Exploitation will take place in accordance with the Title Agreement. "


"Only for the songs you will record with SellaBand you must sign a Publishing Agreement with SellaBand. In this agreement 60% of the publishing rights of these songs go to you. 10% goes to the Production team. The rest (30%) goes to SellaBand."

So you hand over all copyright and 40% of publishing rights for songs you record with them. Doesn't sound a good deal to me, not good at all.

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I forgot this>?

There, thanks Ian. Saved my lazy ass from ploughing through the small print! :up:

Meant to stick a question mark in the title by the way.

As I say, the 'idea is intriguing' but the manner in which this is organised and managed might not be favourable.

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There's nothing to stop a band trying a similar thing on their own.It is just basically pre-selling CD's that haven't been recorded yet.

Marillion do this don't they? And there was an Edinburgh Band, Aplifico, that tried raising funds through there Myspace to record their album. It' all there for the taking if you attached a business head to the shoulders a few hours a week...

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