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Matthew Good - Hospital Music

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Just bought this today, and boy do I enjoy it. I liked The Matthew Good Band, and his solo stuff (or at least this album) is just as good. He wrote it after a year where he went through a divorce and time in hospital after discovering he had bi-polar disorder, and although I don't concentrate much on lyrics, you can really hear that he drew inspiration from his life on this album. Very powerful stuff.

The opening track, Champions of Nothing is a brilliant opener. Starts off with a few samples then gradually builds up to lead you into the rest of the album. From the first listen through this is defintely a stand out track. Metal Airplanes is another track I took a shine to straight away.

This is gonna be top of my last.fm this week I think :D

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Did you buy this on import?

I'm a hardcore Matt Good fan so it's nice to see people over this side of the pond are digging him as well. New album sounds good - need to get a hold of it fa'sho.

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