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Dethklok Album

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apologies mods if there is already a thread on this somewhere but ab-mus is getting to be on the large side and it takes aaaaaages to troll through.

does anyone have any details on the 'proper' album by dethklok to be released in september alongside 20 new epidisodes of metalocalypse? i would find it myself but im at work and about 98% of the sites i try to go on are blocked and my home internet isn't running just now.



(edit : shit, just realised this is in the wrong thread. meant to put it under general discussion. could someone please move it?)

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DethAlbum is the name of the upcoming album by Dethklok from Metalocalypse fame.[1] It is expected to be released on September 25' date=' 2007. The album is said to feature full-length songs from the show (compared to the average one minute, fading out, "clips" in the show and on the Dethklok Myspace) as well as previously unreleased tracks.[1'] A track entitled "Hatredcopter" was released on the Saw III soundtrack, but it's unknown if it will appear on DethAlbum. The record will also be released as a double disc deluxe edition, featuring six bonus tracks, the video for "Bloodtricuited", as well as the first Metalocalypse episode of the second season. [2]

Confirmed tracks

* "Deththeme"

* "Mermaider"

* "Birthday Dethday"

* "Bloodtricuted"

* "Briefcase Full of Guts"

[edit] Confirmed bonus tracks (on deluxe edition)

* "Dethjingle (Duncan Hills Coffee)"

* "Blood Ocean"

* "Pickles' Intro - Kill You"

And thread moved, although I think it would've been fine in music discussion

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Probably, although it is about a fictional band from a cartoon. Still, I think you're right, I'll shift it back.

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Gene Hoglan from Strapping Young Lad is the drummer on this album

not listened to much SYL Hog. He'll have to be fastter than a greased up leopard to be able to keep up with some of those midi drum tracks. thinks he;s up to it?

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