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The Ghost Of Fudge

bands for AUG 2007

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sat 4 august -

Whitefire - www.myspace.com/whitefirerockyourmyspace

sat 11 august -

the real king louie - www.myspace.com/iammadeoutofglue

pearl jam covers band -www.bebo.com/pearl-jammin

sat 18 august -

kartta - www.myspace.com/karttamusic

Corleone - www.myspace.com/corleoneuk

cuddly shark - www.myspace.com/cuddlyshark

No Pasaran - www.myspace.com/nopasaran1

sat 25 august -

firebrand super rock - www.myspace.com/firebrandsuperrock

attack the hive - www.myspace.com/attackthehive

yashin - www.myspace.com/theyashin

cauzeneffect - www.myspace.com/cauzeneffectaberdeen

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Nobody commented on last weeks gig either, but it turned out to be our second busiest night ever, which just goes to support the inverse proportional rule of replies to attendance on these forums hah hah.

Icidentally I heard that Apes IQ are coming back with Supragod in a few months. Is this true?

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p.s. This saturday see's WHITEFIRE return to the moorings.

they mix zeppelin up with bon jovi and such classic heavy rock acts. they're all about 19. and they put on a great show. remember them from last time? they went down a storm.

only one band, so i'm not sure if there's going to be a door charge or not. probably only a quid if so...

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