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Sat 18th Aug FNGF, WSBB, Secta Rouge, BRICKSHITHOUSE

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Friday Night Gunfight are welcomed back to dundee with open arms and ears. Fresh from blowing Hot Cross out of Glasgow, they are returning to play a real venue in Dundee this time. Expect face ripping technical chun mixed with huge epic soundscapey bits every now and again. For me, this is the way metal should be, no bullshit, no fashionata, no fucking about.


Secta Rouge win the award for most improved band in Scotland during the last year, probably down to the fact that instead of sitting pressing "refresh" on the myspace page they are out and getting in peoples faces and places in the UK. On more than a few occasions they have set a higher standard than the touring bands they play with. Its metal, but crossed with the eccentricity of mike patton and king crimson, tight as a nun humming an acutal tune.


We Shall Be Blessed will be returning to Dundee with a new (temporary) frontman in Matt of Allergo fame. Over the past year or so the line up addition of Pagey (A Written Apology, Sunset Squad) has introduced a seven string assault in the key of CHUN with enough low end to destroy concrete foundations.


BRICKSHITHOUSE will be making an unwelcome return from a 9 month hibernation at the earths core. Expect big slabs of ugly, sludgey, doom if the headache doesnt kill you the low end probably will. As always, BSH is a rather incestial affair featuring members of Allergo, Unified Lovers, Archives, IX, FNGF, A Written Apology


this gig will take place at the wonderful Drouthy Neebors on Saturday 18th October. The door charge will be three of your finest sterling and one would expect doors to be burst open at 8pm - ish.

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silly thing wont let me edit it. it is on sat 18th august. not october as it says at the bottom.

I agree FEEZZMONNKEY! the rouge have really come on a lot, they blew ed gein away at the subway recently. Mp3s do no justice.

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