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Al Coholic

Laney TT100 Head and Cab for sale

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Since everyone seems to be selling off his amps today, lets join in.

Although not in any particular hurry, i will be selling my fabulous Laney TT100H Head and TT412 cab. The cab is loaded with 4X 12 inch Celestion Vintage 30s. The head features 4XEL34 class A/B 100W tube power. It's 3 channel (clean, crunch, overdrive) and thus very versatile. See also Harmony Central where it received a 9.6 (and i did not even submit my own feedback yet). As used e.g. by Razorlight.

The set has been gigged several times, hence little tolex tears on the edges of the cab (see pic). Other than that in mint condition and 100% working order. It comes with a Laney footswitch (switching 3 channels, reverb on/off and lead volume on/off).

These are quite rare and will cost you new over 1000 quid, but i am willing to let it go for

500 gbp for the head

250 gbp for the cab

700 gbp for the set.

PM me if interested.





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