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[GIG] Red Cortinas + support @ West End Lounge, Peterhead

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Debut performance of Red Cortinas with new boy Triggs on 2nd guitar.

Mixture of classic rock and classic punk.

Kinks, Who, Hendrix, Free, Oasis, Pistols, Clash, Subs, Ramones etc.

Ably supported by solo guitarist Tim Branston who hails from Huntly. He will be warming everyone up with is own unique blend of blues rock.

Live music has been a bit thin on the ground at the West End recently, so come along and have a good time and support a venue that is trying to support local bands.

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What an impact.

I can see that this thread is really buzzing.

Latest News - after discussion yesterday it was decided that we will take our Peavey Black Widow loaded subwoofers. Apparently, we need them to give the top speakers something to stand on (why not just use our stands, I wonder).

I get the feeling that this will be a loud gig.

Loud but good, obviously.

Perhaps the plan is to drown out the drummer. No-one will hear my mistakes.

To whet your appetite, we will be playing 2 tunes for the first time - Don't Dictate and Sound of the Suburbs.

Surely that's worth coming along to watch. If not - look on the bright side - only 3 months til Rush at SECC.

"The point of the journey is not to arrive"

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