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luscious vicar

can anyone help these bands?

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Cleckhuddersfax(www.myspace.com/cleckhuddersfax) & Man Aubergine(www.myspace.com/manaubergine) are looking for gigs in Scotland at the start of August. Electropapknit would do it but we're gonna be on tour so anyone willing to put them on send me an email @ valentine_bitch@warpmail.net and I'll pass on your details.

They are aiming for around 40 quid a band but are not asking for guarantees.

I hope someone can help them out

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speak to hen at the tunnels, i had heard they were keen to do more interesting stuff.

imp might be into this?

what about the kartta guys?

ive got too much on in dundee, plus i doubt it would work down here :(

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