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Roadie Looking For Work!!!!


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'wannabe roadie' up for doing any sort of roadie work to get some experience.


18 Male from Aberdeen,

Bedroom (for just now!!) DJ,

into all music,

always up for banter!

fucking hard worker,

got experience of assisting film crews (yea its not a band but you get the point!)

can survive on less than 3 hours sleep per/day!!

and reallyyyyyyyyyy reallyyyyyyyyy enthusiastic

Don't really care about earning money just gainning experience SO-

If your band or anypeople you know are looking for a roadie------

no point going on and on im sure you get the point! give me a shout @ breakzrus@hotmail.com or phone 07852913259 for more info about me

till then cheers Aaron

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Watch out - you might get what you ask for

This is a typical few days in my life - if you are a drumtech or drummer it's a bit easier, than roadieing ,but not much

Rockness adventure 2007

Thursday June 7th 2007

I got up at 5 am, drove to Father Jacks , picked him up, drove to The Music Hall, picked up Slim , drove to Desperate Dans, then the bank to discover my pay cheque had not cleared, shite, I paid it in on Monday - bastardos, so I borrowed 20 from Desperate Dan for fuel and arrived at the Festival site at 9 AM.

Parked the car and started work without any breakfast, unloaded trucks and set up lighting truss in big blue tent, the catering had not been set up so we were sent to the pub for our lunch mid afternoon.

The lunch was a small bowl of soup and a small sandwich - I asked where the main course was , but that was all we were getting , grrrrr, not enough to keep me going, but I was skint, ho hum, roadieing is very physically demanding and I thought we deserved better than the sasidges and mash we got in the evening. We worked till 830 pm - driving from 540 am included, I had been on the move for over 15 hours.

The campsite and toilet facilities were a disgrace , mud everywhere and people - mostly security playing loud music all night, and car alarms and parties everywhere, I could not sleep night after night in my chilly tent, I had to go 3 days without a shower.

Friday June 8th

Got up at 7 am and drove Tom to Inverness with a petrol can we borrowed from a pub barmaid.

Ts car had ran out of fuel so I helped him out as he had to do a gig elsewhere, then drive back the next day.

The supermarket did not open till 830, we got fuel, but I never had a chance to buy the cigarettes, toiletries and supplies I needed for the weekend, we arrived at the campsite at 845 am and were given burnt sausadge, bacon, egg in a bun for breakfast -it was pretty grim, in fact the meals were terrible and I never got a decent meal the entire trip - time after time it landed up in the bin, I kept alive with the free Red Bull we got on the main stage.

We started work at 9 am and worked like bastards virtually non stop all weekend.

The toilets next to the stage did not have running water or toilet roll -in general the facilities - or lack of was appauling. My arms and neck and face got well sunburnt, but a guy gave me a smear of sunblock the next day, so it at least never got worse.

I worked till 11 pm 16 hours in total and Desperate Dan had the neck to slag me off for finishing work before every one else - even though J the stage manager had told me at ten to 11 that I and everyone who started at 9 am were to finish at 11 pm. The lack of communication between J and Desperate Dan caused some problems with Desperate Dans attitude towards me -J would send me to run errands and Desperate Dan would wrongly think I had been skiving -this was VERY far from the truth, I worked very hard and am insulted by Father Jacks and Desperate Dans snide remarks - I expect better from people who use me regularly as a free taxi service -so from now on I will NOT be ferrying around crew at my expense in my car -those fag burns, mud, ash, crumbs, stains on the seats and flooring, scratches to the dashboard made by Father Jacks bag buckles a few weeks ago etc etc are a REAL pain in the arse.

The car cost me 9000 and the crew treat it, and me, like shit , so all those free taxis end here.

Saturday June 9th 2007 As usual shit food, long hours not enough crew, eating food on the go - no sit down breaks - I was starting to get a bit miffed with the workload -it was horrendous - load in and out for every band on the main stage with no or little food and no chance of changing my socks and boots started to cause problems with my feet - blisters on my toes and soles.

Once again I had to ask sucurity at 4 am to quiten the campsite - to no avail- 3 hours sleep and up again .

Sunday June 10th 2007 - It's a blur - same shit different day, I explained to Desperate Dan that I had to go to get first aid on my feet but he insisted I go to the other tent to work after we had finished on the main stage -dunno what time, but it must have been well after 12 30 AT NIGHT - I had already worked over 15 hours but he was very cross and argumentative at my refusal to do any more work without getting medical treatment but I had no choice. Another night of Northern soul in my right ear, Rave music in my left and parties and snoring all around and I was fit to drop.

Monday 11th June 2007

I knew I did not have the energy to do any more work, the catering had been shut, not even leaving milk for tea, leaving me no option but to refuse to do any further work.

I offered to stay until Father Jack, Desperate Dan and S had finished work and give them a lift home, but Father Jack was spoiling for a fight - he recently was banned from the Moorings for starting a fight with a wheelchair user and their carer, so I was not about to get involved in his baiting, and Desperate Dan was being nasty at my refusal to do any more work.

I explained that I did not have enough energy to do hard physical work and drive home - it was either one or the other, but they do not appreciate that driving safely demands a high level of concentration and is very tiring, so, I arranged a lift for S with K O and drove home, almost falling asleep several times.

I am angry at being treated and spoken down to so badly by Father Jack and Desperate Dan - everyone else was fine -the bands their crews, the sound and lighting guys and stage manager paid me compliments , I am proud of my work and very disappointed that we were expected to work such long hours under such appauling conditions.

I hope things are better at other festivals , I love the work, but HATE being treated badly and spoken down to by supposed work mates, grrrr I am still seething.

Tues 12th June 2007

I am physically and mentally drained, I have had to cancel tonights drum tuition but the negative points have not put me off.

The Outside festival is soon - hope they have the decency to employ an adequate number of crew and provide edible food and quiet sleeping arrangements and acceptable toilet facilities, or I will NOT be going.

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On the other hand,

Picked up at 7.30am driven to load in, filled large trailer with gear, got on tour bus selected bunk and organised my stuff, lay down, headphones on, napped for two hours, got up made coffee and had some biscuits, watched dvd with band and crew, arrived London astoria, loaded in, set up bass and guitar back line, re-strung two basses, tuned 5 guitars and three basses, sound checked, went for tea and beer, tuned 5 guitars and three basses, no dramas during gig, loaded out, got on bus, drank beer, watched dvd, went to bed, woke up in france in service area, went for shit, ate food, listened to more tunes, arrived at gig in Nederlands, loaded in....etc etc etc.

It can be fun/boring/frustrating/hard work/boring/glamorous/great/boring....

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