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selection of metal vynal for sale


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hey, im sellin off most of my old vynals coz im buyin two guitars i just cant afford but i realy want them both

iv put wot id like but make me an offer it u dont like it


south pf heaven - slayer (near mint condition, vynal is perfect) 10

limited edition metallica picture disk(never played) not sure from exactly when but i no its after master of puppets 7

rock sagas metallica picture disk (perfect condition in presentation sleeve) 7

metallica - lars ulrich interview (red vynal) (played once) 5

metallica - master of puppets gatefold (near mint condition) 10

metallica - kill 'em all (good condition) 7

metallica - ride the lightning (mint) 8

voivod - dimension hatross (mint) 4

voivod - nothing face (mint) 4

voivod - angel rat (mint) 4

deep purple - deepest purple (mint) 5

xentrix - for whose advantage? (good) 4

Megadeth - peace sells . . . but who's buying? (mint) 7

heavy metal special comp (featureing maiden scorpions whitesnake and others) 3

thrash and speed comp featureing annilator supultura xentrix and more) 3

nuclear assult - handle with care (very good) 5

prophets of doom - access to wisdom (mint) 5

Re-animator - condemned to eternity (mint) 5

obituarry - the end complete (played once) 10

type o negative - bloody kisses gatefold (near mint) 10

fotsam and jetsam - no place for disgrace (good) 5

black sabbath - technical ecstasy (ok) 4

black sabbath - never say die! (good) 4

black sabbath - live at last (ok) 3

black sabbath - paranoid gatefold (good) 5


Megadeth - skin o' my teeth (limited edition) 3

iron maiden - the trooper (very good) 3

iron maiden - flight of tearus (very good) 3

Megadeth - mary jane picture disk (mint) 4

deep purple - black night (good) 3

AC/DC - highway to hell (mint) 4

black sabbath- black sabbath (ok) 3

either p.m me or email me at regoth@hotmail.com

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south pf heaven - slayer

limited edition metallica picture

rock sagas metallica picture disk

metallica - master of puppets gatefold

metallica - kill 'em all

metallica - ride the lightning

Megadeth - peace sells . . . but who's buying?

. . . are gone but everything else is still here

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