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The Ghost Of Fudge

JUNE FUDGE GIGS - 20 bands heading your way!

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Yay! I love that Jackie Treehorn keep getting more gigs up here. Fucking great scene!!

Seriously thanks to Fudge and everyone who attends the Moorings, we fucking love playing Aberdeen. Your scene is fantastic and way more diverse than our little community in Livi ( Its growing tho!)

Looking forward to partying at the moorings again on the 23rd. Hope you can all come party with us


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Fables last stand have pulled their gig on sat 16th june.

so if any aberdonian bands want to play, post here.

also: dis-ease. does anyone have a fool proof method of contact? i'm having trouble getting them to confirm that date too.

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Flaming Katy - www.myspace.com/flamingkaty - Drawing on a diverse range of influences from Queens of the Stone Age to Teenage Fanclub and Rush, with a strong focus on melody, harmony, energy and riffing. Although essentially a “guitar rock” band, FK are hard to pin down stylistically. From 1000+ entries, FK were selected to perform at the T-Break Showcase 07, and have played with acts such as The Noisettes and My Latest Novel.

Late Nite Access - www.myspace.com/lateniteaccess - Last year they carried out a massive world tour of The United States, Canada, Europe and The United Kingdom, including exclusive showcases in New York, London and Berlin. The captivating, high-energy stage show generates a buzz that continuesto gain momentum long after the feedback dies away. "Welcome to the finest indie-rock trio Australia has produced!" - Andy Garibaldi, Dead Earnest U.K.

The Pedestrians - www.myspace.com/thepedestriansinfo - "One of the tightest and most exciting rock bands in Glasgow" - Jim Gellatly, Beatscene. "Potential candidates for absorption into the NME ranks" - Keiron Nicholson, Tbreak/Herald. "A Faces-like 1970s pomp and sleazy rock sound....The Pedestrians seemed to have a swagger in their sound and it's clear they certainly believe in themselves" - Andy R, The Mag.

Open Air - www.myspace.com/oamusic - Open Air are a four-piece heavy metal band formed in the summer of 2003 as an acoustic rock outifit. Their riffdriven music, backed up by a belting ryhym section, is something original, and wholesome... and pleasing for all who listen.


Kartta - www.myspace.com/karttamusic - Influences: Broken Social Scene, Explosions In The Sky, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Husker Du, The Chameleons, The Cure, Mono, Pelican, Noxagt, Radiohead, Talking Heads, Godspeed! YBE, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Joy Division...

Countervela - www.myspace.com/countervela - Four men with an unhealthy love for all things music got together to create some, including a member of the fabulous Stand-Up Guy. "Crunchy, dome-crushing, chugga-chugg riffs forge a destructive path into your psyche before swirling, slinky guitar motifs work their hypnotic magic" - Alternative Ulster Magazine. "By merging dark vocals with rich, soaring instrumentals that segue through heavy guitars and gently contained picking, Countervela manage to keep it engaging and tight" - Rock Sound Magazine.

Triggerman - www.myspace.com/triggermanrocks - “The soundtrack to beer,” they claim - and not without substance. Deep-fried southern boogie-metal,travelling to us with Countervela all the way from Derry in Ireland. I swear, you're going to love them.

Kashmir Red - www.myspace.com/kashmirred - “We took the limitations off of ourselves,” says frontman/bass guitarist Steve Winton. “We went into the studio with an open mind, thinking 'let’s do whatever it takes'... because we really have a lot of music inside of us and a lot of different places we can go.”


Lords Of Bastard - www.myspace.com/lordsofbastard - What do you sound like? "That bit when you trip off the edge of the kerb and you look round to see if anyone's seen you... and then it happens... you see one of them over the other side of the road... looking... having a little look... doing looking right at you... right at your fucking face... Turns out hes got something to say... and as he creaks his disgusting fat mowth open and sicks up his opening words you POOSH your batting hand right up his face and smash his mind off... not so fucking looky now are you! With your eyes and their looking.. WOOOOOSH!!"

Fuctoff - www.myspace.com/fuctoff4298 - They're fast! They thrash! They pummel! They get up onstage and attempt to finish the set and reach the bar again as quickly as possible! Europe loves them and so do you! Is it crust, grind or the sound of terror? Who cares!


Element 106 - www.myspace.com/e106 - Five-piece metal band from Aberdeen. Personnel changes and usual obstacles/challenges aside, they are ready to rip... The best is yet to come though as they continue to move up through their gears. Listen as the heavyness gets heavier and the melody gets more melodic. They just want the music to do the talking from now on.

Jackie Treehorn - www.myspace.com/jackietreehornmusic - Return of Livingston-based funk-stoners. Jackie is under the influence of mind altering sub-stances, and influenced directly by Black Crowes, Mastodon, Kyuss, QOTSA, Pearl Jam, Pantera Down, Tomahawk, Rush, Led Zep, Soundgarden & Tool.

Crashdown - www.myspace.com/crashdown - Crashdown have played over 100 shows in the UK and Europe engaging audiences with their own brand of fast punk, blending blistering speed with passionate breakdowns, funk and ska.Their unique sound has been developed over years of shows, tours and recordings. We have shared the stage with the likes of Caffeine, My awesome compilation, 4ft Fingers, Krasty, Whitmore and Five Knuckle.

Decipher - www.myspace.com/decipherpunx - Founded back in the late Naughties, the band did very little initially, before playing covers for a while. That got boring, so they eventually tried writing some of their own songs again, and started gigging irreguarlly two years ago. They play pop-punk.


The Lorelei - www.myspace.com/theloreleiprogression - "The Lorelei are the sound of a hundred broken hearts, a thousand broken bones, crushed and reconstructed. You need them." ...And we're back. Old favourites, new tunes, same spirit. And we can't wait to get back on that stage again. For the unin-itiated, it's the sound of a mandolin and a fuzzed-up Les Paul mixing it with some folk punk acoustic guitars. Plus wailing vocals and a violin.

No Hope Astronaut - www.myspace.com/nohopeastronaut - Sublime songwriting, left-field hooks, claustrophobic melodies and moments of restrained brutality. Lyrical themes like death, sex and surveillance. A rhythm section strung tighter than a smackhead one day into rehab and a front man who truly puts heart, soul & calories into each performance. Like Biffy Clyro, Trail of Dead, Coheed and the Deftones before them, the band refuse to be defined by one simple genre. "Post-Hardcore, as brainy as it is bold.. theyt sound like Biffy Clyro if they had tunes you could whistle in the dark. Elsewhere there's a dab of chug-a-chug greats Helmet to their sound, or Your Code Name Is:Milo at their most barmy. No Hope Astronaut are one slab of rawkwonder worthy of your time." - NME.

Ten Tonne Dozer - www.myspace.com/tentonnedozer - Some time ago on a rock far, far away (Shetland, if we're being factual)...... From metal to blues, from rock to folk, not only is it deep wisdom, partial talent, and crucial knowledge of the dirty world of heavy rock that makes this band, it is also the lack of an egotisical arsehole. Who needs that? With the lead guitarist motionless as he pines for the fjords during his intense guitar solos, the tunes are fast and furious, slow and bewildering, steady and mesmerising, as the band rip through one of their gut wrenching ball breaking sets of bludgeoning tunes. These masters of rock are as cool as frozen livers and as mellow yellow as jaundice, What an awe inspiring mix of blood, sweat, broken strings, and sheep skulls.It paves the way for the beginning of an epic journey throughout the ages of dishevelled dirt mongering slovenly metal and down right filthy rock in Shetland.

Attica Rage - www.myspace.com/atticarage - Where AR differs from the new breed of UK metal bands is that their music does not belong in, or allow itself to be limited to, any one sub-genre or scene. Instead, they defiantly stand their own ground somewhere between the ‘old-school’ era they are most often compared to, and the modern metal of today. Old school in attitude and musicianship, but not dated by clichs and retro repetition – new and modern in sound, energy and ambition but without conforming to vocal styles, fashion or image. With the forth-coming release of their debut album, the future looks very busy and very promising for Attica Rage.

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