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[GIG] Triptych 07: Spektrum + Little Kicks + Dirty Hearts Club DJs @ Snafu


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Like the brawling spawn of The Slits and ESG as nurtured in pop-vaults by sleaze-pimping wolverines Spektrum are a neon paroxysm of chromatic funk, frazzled punk, argent electro and effulgent R&B.

A London-based, horseplay-obsessed four-piece thats Lola Olafisoye, Gabriel Olegavich, Isaac Tucker and Teia Williams Spektrum are among the UKs most arresting, effervescent live cartels.

Their current (second) album, Fun At The Gymkhana Club (Nonstop), is a lambent aural alloy of Prince homages, misfit disco, livid vistas and saucy equine imagery all the colours of the rainbow, all the haze of subterranea: and all the more gregarious for it.

Little Kicks

Fresh from support slots with Jamie T, Editors and The Mystery Jets, Aberdeen four-piece The Little Kicks come to Triptych equipped with a jumped-up booty-bag of tight, melodic, buoyant rock that coalesces a veritable bevy of influences from Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and Johnny Cash, to Hot Chip, Air and The Rapture.


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