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Pro Evo 6 Online. Xbox 360


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Just wondering if anyone who has played said game online, have had any problems with the game crashing?

Well thats what i thought at first, but after played over 300 games online now its funny that it tends to happen when you are beating someone really high up the rankings.

Just imagine your playing someone in the top 10000 in europe (Thats out of about 180 000 Players) and you go 1 nil up. Then all of a sudden, freeze, and thats it. So what do you do? You restart your Xbox to find out you have another disconnect and that lil cunt you were beating has another win too his belt!! Bastard!

However as i only seem to play my Xbox now at night time i just go to my bed, leave my xbox on then when i get to it in the morning it says that my opponent has quite the session. Ha that will teach you for trying to cheat me you little fuckin loser!!!!

That accounts my 20 disconnets on Xbox Live!

So again, anyone else had this problem?

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Only problem I've had on Live is american kids singing the WWE entrance themes on Smackdown v Raw when they come down.

And getting destroyed by them.

I havent had any problems on any other games bar Pro Evo. I havent tried Smackdown V Raw on live yet. I find the story quite hard at the mo!!

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