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are you one of the frightend


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brine - are you one of the frightend mix?

brine - are you one of the frightend.mp3 - 61.89MB

duration - 27:02

size - 61.8 MB (64,892,450 bytes)

bit rate - 320kbps

genre - ambiente drone


blade runner ost - main titles and prologue

pan sonic - joskus

frog pocket - iv been listening to motorbikes

boris karloff - the deadly dress

accrual - ice turns to sand

boris karloff - call at midnight

orphax - circuit 4 consumption

boris karloff - the man in the raincoat

throbbing gristle - exotica

alexanders annexe - push door to exit

aeto - b side

filastine - autology ( ft jessika skeletalia kenny )

bloc party - srxt ( instrumental )

breakbeatbuddha - delinquent frequency

cobra killer - heavy rotation

motor - tete en plastique

charles bukowski - death

phon.o - crossfaderandturnedtabled mix

amon tobin - kitchen sink

the marcia blaine school for girls - the secret of the mezzanine

the marcia blaine school for girls - milk and honey

mira calix - protean

radiohead - for(again)

charles bukowski - the last days of the suicide kid

yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion ( acoustic )

timeblind - copy copy

starkey - stike now

air - redhead girl

mira calix - because to why

i have no reason for making this other than its been an idea in my head for some time now. i wonted to capture the dread and randomness that puts the hairs on the back of your neck up when you watch a david lynch movie. but i didnt wont to use any of the jazz or rockie stuff that features in his movies.

yeh know

so in the past when i put things up people often wont some text to describe whats going on before they listen

and i guess im the same, unless i know about the dj or producer

so here goes

the mix starts with the booms off the start of blade runner, iv used this before for beats and still keep coming back to it as i love it so

great movie and has some lovely music.

this plays while boris karloff ask's the title of this mix, i used 3 of boris karloff's tales of the frightend vol1, just to getthe feal right before gettingthe main poem from charles bukowski

any way over the booms from blade runner we have pan sonic, one of the members of pan sonic i think is the producer for mira calix but i cant remeber his name

then we have frog pocket coming in and if you havent seen him live your realy ought too

iv also featured other scottish artists the marcia blaine school for girls and accrual

mira calix is a bony lass thats signed to the once great warp records

hear music with random sounds great field recordings have always been near the top of my cd piles

"because to why" & "protean" come from mira's album "eyes set against the sun", which is a great example of her work.

she is also part of "alexanders annexe" which features as the main part of the latter of this mix

kinda wish i had juggled it up a bit more with the "alexanders annexe" so it wasnt just me playing it with lots of samples and cuts all over it.

not that i feal i cheated in doing this but just felt i could have pulled off some more tricks

maybe im just a show off

right i probably should talk more about each artist but im getting sleepy

hope you enjoy

the image was created by jakob klug. his work can be found here

.:artf00.....[index].....Jakob.Klug:. or J4K0644061x on deviantART

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