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  1. SIDE A Laura Lee - Dirty Old Man Aretha Franklin - Cry Like A Baby Barbara Mason - Something You Got Coasters - Down Home Girl Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo - Rocky Raccoon Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Tramp Wendy Rene - Bar-b-q Lee Moses - Day Tripper Shane Martin - I Need You Bobby "Blue" Bland - These Hands (Small But Mighty) Rose Batiste - Hit & Run Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor Chris Cerf - Sweet Music Sandie Sheldon - You're Gonne Make Me Love You The Incredibles - There's Nothing Left To Say SIDE B King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew Barbara Randolph - Can I Get A Witness? The Four Tops - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever The Emotions - Blind Alley Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love? Lulu - Love Loves To Love Love The Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache World Wonders - Funky Washing Machine Bettye Swan - The Heartache Is Gone Eddie Giles - Losing Boy Baby Huey - Hard Times Little Anne - Lean Lanky Daddy Chuck Wood - Seven Days Too Long Razzy - I Hate Hate http://www.houseofcuss.co.uk/thepipe/tracks/losingboys_fands.zip The idea was for a freind and i to knock up a 40min mix each of old funk and soul tracks we are mad about. Foo's selection is Side A, The Cheeky Wee Budgie Boy is Side B. There was much crate digging for both of us. Constant calls and texts bagsying records, hoping there was no duplication and taunts about gems we had found. It's been a wee labour of love as it did take quite some time to compile. We coud easily have just lobbed together loads of stuff that has been sampled by hip hop acts and the like, but we wanted to delve a bit deeper into our record collection's to unearth things that had been forgotten or not to put on obvious and big records, though a few do surface here. So give your ears a blast of something different for a change, it fits perfectly on a CD too... Enjoy.
  2. Brine


    does any one have any contact details for offshore? OFFSHORE on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads FACT magazine: music & art news, upfront videos, free downloads, classic vinyl, competitions, gigs, clubs, festivals & exhibitions - Daily Download: Offshore FACT magazine: music & art news, upfront videos, free downloads, classic vinyl, competitions, gigs, clubs, festivals & exhibitions - The month in...Bass
  3. yeah theres loads various production work with gerry mitchell, kode9 works with space ape. i too am a producer who be interested in working with local poets
  4. Brine


    a guy called ben sent me this a while ago and its really good YouTube - synthsonix's Channel the dubstep forum has a wonderful production part that has loads of great tips and tricks for production dubstepforum.com :: View Forum - Production
  5. Brine


    Hi just thought it might be a good idea to start a thread on how to use reason wee tricks youv found or instructions on stuff or if your having a problem then to see if any one else has had that problems and if they have a solution to it heres a great article on how to make wobbley bass from the guys at mashit Tutorials | Mashit or Reason 4 Tutorial - Dubstep Production Techniques reverb bass effects Making a Drum 'n Bass Reese w/ Reason id love some advice about compisition and how to use tones and the correct placing to the beats as my stuff generaly sounds too cluttered or to samey also if any one is involved with the Open Knowledge Networks ( Open Knowledge Network | Home ) on at the Pelican ( Peacock Visual Arts - Peacock Visual Arts :: 01224 639539 :: ) itd be cool to get further stuff on production
  6. how come the tunnels never put up whats on the month coming and leave it till half way through the month to update their site? its very difficult to plan you months spending if you suddenly learn a great band are playing
  7. hi i was hoping to get some feed back on two tracks iv made and i feal that their ot finished and id love to get some responces or pointers as to where im going wrong or where i should be going http://www.houseofcuss.co.uk/thepipe/jtf/brine-09/brine-homesick-withbassandsamples.mp3 http://www.houseofcuss.co.uk/thepipe/jtf/brine-09/brine-spooking.horses.mp3 ta brine
  8. i find just rooting through your music till somthing catches and then put it through things like acid pro, reason or wave labs but im more into the idea of plunderphonics like taking samples over a beat or sound scape iv made i fell into doing this as i found it really tricky to make beats that fit accapellas i think that if you can do this sort of thing and make a new tune out of bit of other peoples music rather than just a + b bootlegs then your super talented and my hat goes of to any one that can do it as i cant and throw in the towl and start putting my own stuff or noise over one sample of music i think to be able to really pull this off you must have a great ear for music and be able to tell what chords are being played and you must also have a great collection of music
  9. Brine


    any one interested in starting a group to make experimental music along the same fealing as der zyklus and throbbing gristle if so give me a shout brine
  10. ahmen, ahmen ahhhhhmen ahmen ahmen brine digs out dj shitmats - Killababylonkutz and dances round the room
  11. what i dont get is the lemon tree went under ( this is just my point of view by no means a informed one ) cos it was putting on too much wankie highbrow stuff no one went too so with the lemon tree reopening and it being now ran by Upcoming Events - Aberdeen International Youth Festival's Social Network if i look at their line up for the next while its all more of the same am i wrong? if so please point out my failing cos all i can see is maybe one gig with The Chair, Edgar Prais & The Condiments im all for a bit of culture but give us some thing to lure me in with im not just moaning about the lack of bands playing but in general theres nothing for your common music fan here i wont entertained for my hard earned for instance in the edinburgh festival for the past 3 years josie long has any one seen hide or hair of her in aberdeen no shes been nominated for a few awards and lives in the uk so wouldnt be too expensive to get up but has any one done it no when the lemon tree put on rich hall it was sold out so why not get more acts that will sell surely that way they can then make money and put on their high brow stuff like on the music halls website for the lemon tree they say they have danny bhoy on the 29th and pretty much bugger else comedy wise its not like we dont have people here who dont know their elbows from their asses like we have giles walker, tez and interesting music promotion for starts like giles put on hudson mohawk and i salut him for it now get rustie up and if you give me the heads up for more good music il even consider buying you a pint tez knows whats hot interesting music are getting great stuff up like the pictish trail supporting king creosote and de rosa it just seems a waste of a great venue for it to go down the same route it did before "im mad as hell, and im not going to take this any more!" brine
  12. been listening to alot of mo's ferry production at the moment, so i bashed some together for a trip down to glasgow, thought id put it up as my first mix for here. i got first heard about dapayk on the slices dvd 8 ( i think ) you can watch them again here - wolf's kompaktkiste: slices any way i was taken with the near randomness of the samples and sounds over the beat duration 54:19 heres a tracklist incase the image isnt shown alland byallo - dark tide disco ( dapayk remix ) marcel knopf - lloyd marcel knopf - narain ( dapayk remix ) dapayk solo - hagen pan pot remix dapayk solo - dehalledretro butane - sine language dredl kibosh - i found you dapayk solo - uma ( louderbach remix ) dapayk and padberg - close up http://www.houseofcuss.co.uk/thepipe/jtf/brine-looshkin7techhousemix.mp3
  13. brine - are you one of the frightend mix? brine - are you one of the frightend.mp3 - 61.89MB duration - 27:02 size - 61.8 MB (64,892,450 bytes) bit rate - 320kbps genre - ambiente drone tracklisting blade runner ost - main titles and prologue pan sonic - joskus frog pocket - iv been listening to motorbikes boris karloff - the deadly dress accrual - ice turns to sand boris karloff - call at midnight orphax - circuit 4 consumption boris karloff - the man in the raincoat throbbing gristle - exotica alexanders annexe - push door to exit aeto - b side filastine - autology ( ft jessika skeletalia kenny ) bloc party - srxt ( instrumental ) breakbeatbuddha - delinquent frequency cobra killer - heavy rotation motor - tete en plastique charles bukowski - death phon.o - crossfaderandturnedtabled mix amon tobin - kitchen sink the marcia blaine school for girls - the secret of the mezzanine the marcia blaine school for girls - milk and honey mira calix - protean radiohead - for(again) charles bukowski - the last days of the suicide kid yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion ( acoustic ) timeblind - copy copy starkey - stike now air - redhead girl mira calix - because to why i have no reason for making this other than its been an idea in my head for some time now. i wonted to capture the dread and randomness that puts the hairs on the back of your neck up when you watch a david lynch movie. but i didnt wont to use any of the jazz or rockie stuff that features in his movies. yeh know so in the past when i put things up people often wont some text to describe whats going on before they listen and i guess im the same, unless i know about the dj or producer so here goes the mix starts with the booms off the start of blade runner, iv used this before for beats and still keep coming back to it as i love it so great movie and has some lovely music. this plays while boris karloff ask's the title of this mix, i used 3 of boris karloff's tales of the frightend vol1, just to getthe feal right before gettingthe main poem from charles bukowski any way over the booms from blade runner we have pan sonic, one of the members of pan sonic i think is the producer for mira calix but i cant remeber his name then we have frog pocket coming in and if you havent seen him live your realy ought too iv also featured other scottish artists the marcia blaine school for girls and accrual mira calix is a bony lass thats signed to the once great warp records hear music with random sounds great field recordings have always been near the top of my cd piles "because to why" & "protean" come from mira's album "eyes set against the sun", which is a great example of her work. she is also part of "alexanders annexe" which features as the main part of the latter of this mix kinda wish i had juggled it up a bit more with the "alexanders annexe" so it wasnt just me playing it with lots of samples and cuts all over it. not that i feal i cheated in doing this but just felt i could have pulled off some more tricks maybe im just a show off right i probably should talk more about each artist but im getting sleepy hope you enjoy the image was created by jakob klug. his work can be found here .:artf00.....[index].....Jakob.Klug:. or J4K0644061x on deviantART
  14. Just a bunch of bed room producers with too much time on our hands. Who live and work all over the city. Table 8 lives in Dyce works for a petrol firm and has asperations to rid his flat of a rather nasty smell. Dunno what Audio Savant does during the day but can usualy be found on xbl after 12, think he lives on george st with Flamable Tramps but their not together, but we suspect they occasionaly hold hands walking home after the pub. None of us can play any instruments but love good music and this is our attempts. does that help at all?
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